The International Sungja-Do Association is a truly worldwide organization with members in over 48 countries and over 40 states in the USA.

We welcome you to browse through our site and use all the available training material that you will find. Sungja-Do is a multi-style system that is based on Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Indonesian and other martial arts.


  • To create a truly democratic approach in the unification of all affiliated martial arts schools and instructors.

  • To stimulate interest in the various martial arts among all students of Taekwondo, Kali, Silat, JKD, Boxing, Karate, Kung-fu, Hapkido, Aikido, Aiki-JuJitsu, Jujitsu, Kempo, Kenpo, and other arts.

  • To establish and maintain relations with affiliated schools and other authentic martial arts organizations.

  • To establish an affiliation between organized I. S. A. schools and other institutions.

  • To establish the martial arts in physical education programs and curricula.

  • To establish the Rights of all academic teachers in keeping their children safe through our REALITY PROGRAM, where firearms are not permitted on school grounds, even by Law Enforcement Officers, and in physical education programs and curricula.

  • To endeavor to correct any unwarranted action against any martial arts school or individual I. S. A. member in regards to martial arts matters.

Director of the International Sungja-Do Association

George I. Petrotta was born in January 1945, in Rochester, New York, USA, and has over 55+ years of the martial arts. He is the leading authority on the art of Sungja-Do.
(GM Petrotta on left with 3rd Dan Black Belt, Mr. Melvin Wells).

From 1962 thru 1968 he served in the U.S. Air Force.

This teacher started training in Judo in 1963 at the age of 18.

In 1974, Instructor George I. Petrotta founded the N. S. A. (National Sungja-Do Association)


while located in Idabel, Oklahoma, and in 2001 founded the I. S. A. (International Sungja-Do Association.) Instructor Petrotta moved to Florence, South Carolina in 1999 and currently teaches (Private Lessons Only) to a select few and manages the I. S. A. and it's member schools. Dr. P. currently teaches a blend of Hapkido, Taekwondo, Karate, Silat, and Combat Aiki-Jujitsu to his private students. Up until 2012, he did seminars teaching Silat mixed with Hapkido. His last seminars were in Spring Hill, FL (Promotion of Grandmaster David Sheram and alignment of Marantha TKD Association with the I.S.A. on October 21st) and the Grand Budo Summit in North Carolina (November10th-11th)

Ranks and Instructors:

  • 1963 Judo, no rank (one year.)
  • 1964-1967 Shotokan Karate (no rank.)
  • 1968-2014 Taekwondo (ITF and WTF (WT)) from various instructors, and now holds 9th Degree in UTB Taekwondo from Prof. Eugene A. Humesky.
  • Currently holds a Kukkiwon 6th, Dan. (DOI-28-SEPT.-2015)
  • 1972-2006 Hapkido with several instructors and the last being SGM Seo, In Sun earning the 8th Dan.
  • Several instructors in Silat, Kuntao and Military Combatives (no rank)
  • With permission from an 8th Dan GrandMaster in TKD and an 8th Dan Grandmaster in Korean arts, I was given permission to found my own system -- Sungja-Do (1985)
  • Was awarded my 10th Degree as Founder of the style (Sungja-Do) in 2001 by Karate For Christ.
  • Was awarded a 10th Degree in Combat Aiki-Jujitsu by Kyoshi Darel Chase
  • Was awarded numerous ranks of 10th Degree throughout my career from various organizations.
  • My last being the 10th Degree from GM Rick Jessee in North Carolina and signed off by SEVEN other 10th Degrees in various other Martial Arts.

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