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From the I. S. A. MARTIAL ARTS International Director

I have been fortunate to have trained in the martial arts since
1963 and have been teaching martial arts since 1974. I would like to introduce to you a concept that is on the cutting edge of martial arts training today. This concept involves providing "private | reality training" from a highly qualified and experienced instructor in REALITY COMBAT for the streets. Through one-on-one training, your instructor will fine-tune your personal areas of need according to your individual learning style and your natural abilities. Through "private | reality training" your instructor will take you to levels of proficiency and excellence that are not possible through group training alone.


On January 15, 2015 the Sheriff of Florence County, stated in front of the South Carolina House of Representatives, that South Carolina is ranked number two in the country for women who are killed at the hands of men.
Each year, 36,000 domestic violence incidents are reported to Law Enforcement in the state.

In the year 2013 South Carolina had the nation`s fifth-highest violent crime rate, with an apparent relationship between lower income and less education and higher crime rates, according to a new study and a justice policy expert. In its analysis, "24/7 Wall St." said South Carolina had nearly 559 violent crimes per 100,000 residents, ranking behind only Tennessee, Nevada, Alaska, and New Mexico. "Though it has been transforming itself into a hotbed of manufacturing, with companies such as Boeing, BMW, Volvo opening manufacturing facilities, South Carolina has the nation`s fifth highest violent crime rate," 24/7 Wall St. said. "Its murder rate of 6.9 per 100,000 is the fifth worst in the country. Its aggravated assault rate is the third worst. Roughly 25 percent have bachelor`s degrees, among the nation`s lowest figures." South Carolina`s 18.3 percent poverty rate is the ninth worst in the country, and well above the U.S. average of 15.9 percent, 24/7 Wall St. said in its study.

Wouldn't you want the chance, a fighting chance, to not be one of these statistics?

If you own a "people" business, (a business where you and your employees have to deal with all sorts of individuals) then we will provide Corporate Personal Training. Call 1-843-676-5280 for the complete story.

The purpose of private training is to supplement the group training that all Martial Arts Schools do. It takes repeating of corrections to develop correct technique (Perfect practice makes the perfect technique.) In a group setting, you might get that correction once, but the instructor needs to move on to someone else.

In a private lesson, the instructor can focus on that correction and have you repeat it until you feel the difference on your own. Once you get to that level of "body awareness", learning other techniques becomes easier and at a faster rate. That is difficult to develop in a group setting. It really takes a one on one situation of private instruction.

Would you like to learn, Hapkido, from a 9th Degree Black Belt? Would you like to have more power in your movements? Do you wish to improve your HoshinSul (self-defense skills)? Would you like to get in better physical shape? Would you like to lose that fat you are carrying around? Then call us and see what we can do for you. I can assure you that through this program, given enough time and effort, you will be able to walk with confidence knowing that you are a "Hapkido-in".

Personal Training

In addition to all the other services we offer, we also provide professional personal training. Dr. George Petrotta is a Certified Personal Trainer and has been in the fitness industry for over 40 years. He has helped thousands of people achieve their fitness goals. Dr. "P", offers REAL one on one training. Regardless of your goals or current fitness level, Dr. "P", can design a program for you! It is never too late to have the body you've always wanted! A healthier, leaner, the more fit body begins with an e-mail or a phone call!

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Physical Preparation For Entry Into The Military Or Police Academy

Don't waste your money on all those fancy gadgets you see on TV!

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Dr. George I. Petrotta - International Director
I. S. A. Martial Arts


Tele: 1-843-676-5280 (After 8AM and before 6PM EST)

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