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This is a web page that will show images of "FAKE" Kukkiwon Dan Certificates and other certificates that say "WTF."
It is meant to inform those who are not knowledgeable of the true Kukkiwon Dan Certificates.

If your Grandmaster / Master / Instructor has one of these on his "look-at-me" wall, then he is not who he says he is. If he awards you with one of these and informs you that they are from the "WTF" or the "Korean Kukkiwon", then he is misleading you and the rank is just a school rank, not a true Kukkiwon rank.  Remember, the Kukkiwon does not give out "color belt" rank. The World Taekwondo does not give out "Taekwondo rank."

If you receive a Kukkiwon Dan Certificate and the Date of Issue is from October in 2010 until sometime in late 2013, the person who signs the certificate should be Won-Sik Kang.

If he is not the one who signs the Dan certificate and ID card, during that time frame, then you have a fake certificate. Currently the Kukkiwon has had some Internal Administrative problems and the certificates and ID cards are now being signed as KUKKIWON, not any individual. You will only see one (1) signature on the certificate and ID card. You will not see your Grandmasters/Masters/Instructors signature on the Kukkiwon certificate or ID card. The ID card itself will not be a laminated card after 2011. All cards are just like your drivers license or state ID card. (Digital)


Last updated - SEPTEMBER 7, 2018

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